current project: sometimes i dream in technicolor

a multi-phase art project in which I am collaborating with the community at large (that’s you!)

Phases I and II of this project will be executed concurrently.  In Phase I, I assume the persona of a Research Assistant and will go out into the community (coffee shops and student centers to start) to interview people about their most recently remembered or most vivid dreams.  I will be recognizably dressed in a white labcoat, with a laptop and voice recorder for data collection.  During this phase I will collect data such as: the collaborator’s first name, age, approximate date of the dream, the dream itself (in as much detail as possible), the most prevalent emotions in the dream, what major symbols or imagery are present, how s/he felt upon waking, what s/he thinks it means, and anything else remembered that could be construed as significant.

At the end of the interview process the collaborator will receive a card with links to further information on the project, as well as a letterpress printed broadside–a token of thanks for participation in the project.

Phase II begins as soon as the first dream has been collected.  Phase II finds me in the role of the Dream Analyst.  I will be interpreting the dreams I am collecting based on the main symbols, imagery, and emotions in each dream.  The interpretations will be added to this blog along with the original dreams.  They will also be incorporated into a zine (or series of zines) that will be mailed to the contributors and placed in alternative book spaces around the city.

Phases I and II will lead up to Phase III, in which I take on the character of the Artist.  Each dream will be illustrated and scanned.  This will allow me to produce prints of individual dreams, as well as piece all of the illustrations together to create a very large accordion book printed on a large-scale printer.  This book will fold out several feet and will weave the dreams into a “Collective Dreamscape” or rather, a rich landscape of intertwined images.  This “Dreamscape” will be gridded off in such a fashion that a collaborator can pinpoint where his/her dream imagery manifests in the landscape.  When installed, the zines will be made available to help decode the “Collective Dreamscape” and the audio interviews will be looped to create a multi-sensory collaborative experience.

The blog will be updated with the dreams and interpretations.

To contribute dreams to this project, you may email the aforementioned information to

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