revision/evolution of ‘sometimes i dream in technicolor’

sometimes i dream in technicolor, is a multiphase project in which I take on three distinct roles.  This is the updated project statement:

Firstly, I am the research assistant.  I go out into the community in my lab coat armed with my laptop and voice recorder to collect dreams that participants are willing to share with me. I will be interviewing each participant about a particularly vivid dream s/he has had.  The interview process involves taking dictation as well as recording the participant’s recollection of the dream. 

In the second role, I play the dream analyst.  I interpret each dream based on major symbols, emotions, imagery, etc. present in the retelling of the dream.  The dreams and interpretations are then posted to a blog as well as incorporated into a series of zines.

The final phase of this project finds me in the role of the Artist. I am illustrating each dream on a 7”x9” panel using mixed media.  The panels will then be scanned, which allows me to make prints of each one.  I will also be using the scans to create a large accordion book approximately 2 feet tall that folds out several feet across the room. This book will be gridded with letters down the side and numbers across the top.  Each dream and interpretation will be coded with these letters and numbers so viewers can then relate which image goes with which dream and interpretation.

When the project is installed, the zines with the coded dreams and interpretations will be available, and the book will be unfolded across the room, the 7″x9″ panels will be tacked to the wall, while the audio of the interviews loops overhead, creating a multisensory experience.  Viewers and participants alike can use the zines or blog to decode which dream factors where into this large collective dreamscape.

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