speaking in tongues

letter press printed book, paper sticks, cowry shells, and box

spring to fall 2012

The premise of Speaking in Tongues is a divination set based on the Myers Briggs archetypes.  Each set is letterpress printed using photo-polymer plates.  There are sixteen Myers Briggs archetypes and I have written a haiku for the top fifteen traits of each type.  Each of the two hundred forty haikus is unique, so those archetypes with overlapping traits have individual haikus.  The tailoring of the “answers” (or haikus) to each personality archetype puts the response of the “forces that be” into language that the querent can easily understand.  They also draw attention to personality traits that may help or hinder the querent in the situation in question.  In an attempt at creating self-awareness and offering another perspective for the viewer or participant.

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