sometimes i dream in technicolor

multiphase, multimedia, multisensory project

fall 2012 – …..

dreamcardfront dreamcardback

An ongoing project, sometimes i dream in technicolor, is a multiphase project in which I take on three distinct roles.  Firstly, I am the research assistant.  I go out into the community in my lab coat armed with my laptop and voice recorder to collect dreams that participants have had.  I will be interviewing each participant about a particularly vivid dream s/he has had.  The interview process involves taking dictation as well as recording the participant’s recollection of the dream.  In the second role, I play the dream analyst.  I will interpret each dream based on major symbols, emotions, imagery, etc. present in the retelling of the dream.  The dreams and interpretations will then be posted to a blog (  The final phase of this project finds me in the role of the Artist.  I will be illustrating each dream in a large mixed media accordion book folds out seven feet across the room and unfolds in a zigzag fashion so it trails down the wall.  Viewers will have to pace back and forth in order to view it sequentially.

Each participant will receive a letter press printed poster (pictured below) and a card (pictured above) as a token of thanks for participating in the project.


to participate in this project contact me at

This is a sneak peek of the first third of the accordion book in progress:

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